Fraser Lee Profile

Julian Fraser Lee graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1984, gaining a travel scholarship and a number of design awards.

In 1987 Fraser set up JFL Design to produce and market his products, launching two seating ranges ‘Arco’ and ‘Clone’ in that year. The Design Council subsequently selected both single chairs for their Design Centre selection award exhibition 'Design Review'at the Design Centre showrooms in London and Glasgow.

The Arco single chair was selected and exibited at the Manchester Prize for 'Art in Production' exhibition in 1988
The ‘Clone’ range was later taken up by Ness Furniture to add to their Debut collection.

The 'Scoop' range was developed in collaboration with Allermuir Ltd (now Senator International), a furniture manufacturer looking to add exciting products to their collection.

JFL Design’s experience means we continue to work with a number of design and manufacturing companies and individuals to design and produce furniture and exhibitions to the client’s requirement.